Clinical reports on cancer

Squamous cell lung cancer

Female in the 80s
Chief Complaint: No significant symptoms
Past Medical History: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and overactive bladder

Current medical history:
She had been receiving treatment for the CDPD and overactive bladder. CT images of the chest which were taken during a COPD follow-up examination dated May 2011 indicated a 1cm tumor in the left chest. Further, SCC, which is a tumor marker, showed a high level of 20ng/ml, obtaining a diagnosis of lung squamous cell cancer. She did not wish invasive tests and treatments due to the old age. Therefore, after providing sufficient information on fucoidan, she began fucoidan mono-therapy.

Treatment outcomes:
After taking 2.0g of fucoidan mix per day, her SCC levels decreased to 0.7 from 20.0. X-ray images and CT images indicated the disappearance of the tumor.

※Data taken over the period of treatment

《X-ray images of the chest》

Fucoidan mix intake per day: Approximately 2.0g

May 2011
October 2011


《CT images of the chest》

Fucoidan mix intake per day: Approximately 2.0g



【Tumor markers】

May 2011 October 2011
SCC(≦ 1.5) 20.0 0.7 (ng/ml)

Fucoidan mix・・・It is composed of mozuku extracted fucoidan, mekabu extracted fucoidan and agaricus mycelium.

Today, active research is conducted on fucoidan and various bioactive functions of fucoidan, such as “anti-cancer action,” “cholesterol-lowering action,” “blood-pressure lowering action” and “anti-virus action,” have been revealed.

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