Clinical reports on cancer

Left ovary cancer, Cancerous peritonitis, Cancerous ascites

Female in the 30s
Chief Complaint: Abdominal fullness
Past Medical History: Not significant

Current Medical History:
She visited a university hospital due to abdominal fullness in October 2003, and was diagnosed with left ovarian cancer, carcinomatous peritonitis and carcinomatous ascites. She was advised to have a surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but she refused any of them. She visited our clinic in November to seek a second opinion as well as information on fucoidan. Similarly, we advised her to have a surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but she refused. After she was provided with sufficient information on fucoidan mix, she began fucoidan mix only therapy.

Treatment Outcome:
Her tumor markers were lowered, and CT images showed that her tumor had reduced from 11cm to 6cm.

※Data taken over the period of treatment

《CT images of the pelvis》

Fucoidan mix intake per day: Approximately 8.0g
※ At the time of data

November 2003
January 2004
August 2005


【Tumor markers】

November 2003 November 2004 August 2005
CA19-9 (< 37.0) 10762.4 5700 2573 (U/ml)
CA125 (< 35.0) 1076.2 820 220.4 (U/ml)

Data provided by Matsuzaki Memorial Hospital

Fucoidan Mix AG・・・It is composed of mozuku extracted fucoidan, mekabu extracted fucoidan and agaricus mycelium.

Today, active research is conducted on fucoidan and various bioactive functions of fucoidan, such as “anti-cancer action,” “cholesterol-lowering action,” “blood-pressure lowering action” and “anti-virus action,” have been revealed.

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