Clinical reports on cancer

Upper pharynx cancer

Female in the 80s
Chief Complaint : No significant
Past Medical History : Cerebral infarction, type 2 diabetes

Current Medical History :
She visited our hospital as an outpatient on March 1, 2017 when it was reported that she had massive oral hemorrhage. Through consultation, we found a hemorrhagic tumor with edematous mucous membrane in the nasopharynx. As her tumor markers also showed high CYFRA, she was diagnosed with upper pharynx cancer.

Treatment Outcomes :
After taking Fucoidan Mix AG 2g to her, CYFRA was reduced without hemorrhage relapse and she was discharged from the hospital.

【Tumor Markers】
Fucoidan Mix AG intake per day Approximately 2.0g

March 2017 April 2017
SCC(< 1.5) 2.1 2.2 (ng/ml)
CYFRA(< 3.5) 7.9 3.0 (ng/ml)

Fucoidan Mix AG・・・It is composed of mozuku extracted fucoidan, mekabu extracted fucoidan and agaricus mycelium.

Today, active research is conducted on fucoidan and various bioactive functions of fucoidan, such as “anti-cancer action,” “cholesterol-lowering action,” “blood-pressure lowering action” and “anti-virus action,” have been revealed.

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