We deeply recognize
that the 21 century is the era of individual self-care, which means people
themselves are responsible for their health, and we place importance on the enhancement of
the body's innate healing power. Aiming to achieve it, we, at NPO Research Institute of
Fucoidan, place our focus on and perform studies of fucoidan which has a great potential.


An interview of Miyazaki director was televised in NHK WORLD program “Medical Frontiers” on September 16.


We made a poster presentation at a meeting of American Association of Immunologists.


Our website was renewed.


We made a presentation at the 12th Asia Congress of Nutrition on May 16.


We made a presentation at the 61st Japanese Society For Food Science And Technology Conference on August 30 (held at the Nakamura Gakuen University).


We updated information on conference presentations.


An interview of Mr. Miyazaki, President (Currently, Director) was televised in a KBS program (Korean Broadcasting Company) “Shoro Byoshi” on December 18.