Clinical reports on cancer

Colon cancer and liver metastasis

Female in the 40s
Chief Complaint: No significant symptoms
Medical History: Not significant

Current Medical History:
She was diagnosed with colon cancer and liver metastasis in February 2010. She was advised to receive chemotherapy which she refused. She began fucoidan therapy in April the same year, and also began chemotherapy in September due to the development of ascites.

Treatment Outcomes:
Her CEA levels were decreased from 1535.7 to 33.32 , and her CA19-9 levels were decreased from 1143 to 32.04. No severe side effects from chemotherapy were observed.

※Data taken over the period of treatment

【Tumor markers】
Fucoidan Mix AG intake per day: Approximately 10.0g

April 2010 August 2010 December 2010 April 2011
(< 5.0)
1535.7 1474.0 97.25 33.32 (ng/ml)
(< 35.0)
1143 1796 194 32.04 (U/ml)


【Tumor sizes】

January 2011 May 2011
S6,S7(Right) 14.3×12.4 12.6×10.9 (cm)
S3(Left) 12.7×6.4 10.8×6.1 (cm)

Fucoidan Mix AG・・・It is composed of mozuku extracted fucoidan, mekabu extracted fucoidan and agaricus mycelium.

Today, active research is conducted on fucoidan and various bioactive functions of fucoidan, such as “anti-cancer action,” “cholesterol-lowering action,” “blood-pressure lowering action” and “anti-virus action,” have been revealed.

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